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Mineral insulated cable

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  • For high-temperature applications
  • In areas where mounting is difficult
  • Strict requirements with regard to mechanical, chemical and electrical stability
  • For special applications

Special features

  • Outer diameter: 0.15 to 12.7 mm
  • Temperature ranges: -200 to +1.300 °C
  • Thermocouple types K, J, E,N, R,S,B
  • Conductors Cu, Ni-plated Cu, NiCr, Ni, CuNi
  • Sheath 1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4306 (AISI 304 L), 1.4404 (AISI 316 L), 1.4541 (AISI 321), 1.4571 (AISI 316 TI), 1.4749 (AISI 446), 1.4841 (AISI 314), 1.4845 (AISI 310 S), 1.4876 (Incoloy 800), 2.4816 (Inconel 600), 2.4951 (Nimonic 75), Pt-10%Rh
  • International standards: DIN EN, IEC, ANSI, BS, JIS
  • Production lenghts: 50 to 2.000 m


Mineral insulated cables have an outer sheath of metal with two to eight inner conductors. The insulation material is made from a highly compressed metal-oxide powder (preferably MgO or Al2O3).

Mineral insulated thermocouple cables have inner conductors of thermocouple base material. Mineral insulated cables for RTDs have inner conductors of copper, copper-nickel alloys, nickel, nickel-chromium or nickel-plated copper.

Mineral insulated cables are designed for high-temperature applications and are used wherever there are particularly strict requirements with regard to mechanical, chemical and electrical stability.

On account of their good flexibility, the use of mineral insulated cables is preferred in areas where mounting is difficult and where a high degree of flexibility is required (for example, laboratories or pilot manufacturing plants).The minimum bending radius is 3 times the outer diameter of the mineral insulated cable.

Innovations in technology and manufacturing have made it possible for these cables to be  used increasingly frequently as a material in the manufacture of standardized thermocouples and RTDs, in particular in industrial measuring and control technology and in automotive sensor technology.

Mineral insulated cable
  • Mineral insulated cable

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