At SensyMIC, we have been actively breaking new ground for more than 60 years to satisfy the measurement technology challenges and efficiency enhancements our global customers demand. Thanks to this experience, we have established ourselves as one of the most successful suppliers of mineral insulated thermoelectric cables. This tradition and passion are reflected in our products. We offer you excellent customer service, a trusting and cooperative partnership as well as a premium product that delivers measurement accuracy, longevity and stability. With years of experience and a high degree of expertise, our employees ensure that our quality is also measurable. We are proud of this.


  • 1960: Production of “Mineral Insulated Cable” by Degussa begins in Hanau
  • 1989: The temperature business is spun off into an independent legal entity, “SENSYCON”
  • 1991: Purchase of “SENSYCON” by Hartmann & Braun
  • Purchase of “SENSYCON Hartmann & Braun” by Mannesmann; relocation to Alzenau
  • 1996: Purchase of “SENSYCON Hartmann & Braun” by Elsag Bailey; SensyMIC registered as a trademark for “Mineral Insulated Cable”
  • 1999: Acquisition of Elsag Bailey by ABB
  • 2006: Relocation was completed with the move of cable production from Hanau to Alzenau
  • 2017: Foundation of SensyMIC as part of the WIKA Group

Our responsibilities

We attach great importance to ecological responsibility, safety and sustainability. This is made clear by the constant review of our processes. This includes the proper procurement and processing of our products. When purchasing our raw materials, we make sure that they are sustainably and fairly produced. With corresponding certificates and declarations of conformity, we are also always up to date with the latest technology and can always offer reliable products as well as safety which has been tested. We also focus on environmental protection by continually improving our material and resource efficiency - our contribution to a better ecological future.

Our experience

The most important aspects in the manufacture of our products are experience and stable processes. Through many employees with decades of service and a significantly low staff turnover rate, we can draw on a wealth of experience and know-how for the complex manufacture of our quality products. Constant testing and control of the processes ensure optimised production. This ensures short delivery times for our customers.


Heavy-duty cables for temperature measurement


Quality management system ISO 9001 : 2015