Thermocouple, compensating and extension cables (insulated thermocouple wire or thermocouples)

The connecting cables between the thermocouple and the cold junction must themselves have the same thermoelectrical properties as the thermocouple. This connection is the thermocouple, compensating and extension cable.

  • Thermocouple cable in accordance with DIN 43722 (original material)
    Temperature: -25 ...+200 °C
    Type: KX,EX,JX,NX
    Sheath: PVC, silicone, glass fibre, Teflon-FEP/PFA/PTFE
    Shield: Braid made of galvanised or stainless steel wires or aluminium foil with grounding wire
  • Compensating cable in accordance with DIN 43722 (replacement material)
    Temperature: 0 ...+200 °C
    Sheath: PVC, silicon, fibreglass, Teflon-FEP
  • Insulated thermocouple wire in accordance with DIN EN 60584, DIN 43712, IEC 584
    Temperature: -200 ...+1200 °C
    Types: K, J, E, N, L
    Sheath: PVC, silicone, Teflon, fibreglass, ceramic wire

We differentiate between original materials for thermocouple cables and substitute materials for compensating cables. Thermocouple cables from original materials consist of the same material as the thermocouple in application. Compensating cables of substitute materials are made from cheaper alloys which are not identical to the associated thermocouple. However, they have the same thermoelectric properties as the thermocouple in the temperature range permitted for compensating cables.

Insulated thermocouple wires are used for the manufacture of thermocouples which correspond to the recognised standards. The temperature limit values depend on various parameters (e.g. ambient atmosphere, installation location) and should therefore be considered as guideline values. The delivery is made in loops or coils up to 500 m. The simplest form of thermocouples are thermocouples made of bare precious-metal thermocouple wires, which are standardised in EN60584/IEC 584.

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